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Cinch Tweet

Cinch Tweet Review – Twitter Marketing in Your Hand

Bring you the solution with Twitter marketing. Let’s explore this artificial intelligence software with me in this Cinch Tweet Review.

Cinch Tweet Review Introduction

Facebook is passing more strict rules, especially with the intention off splitting the newsfeed to get more payment from marketers. Instagram isn’t always affordable for all the local business. It’s when you need to find the path to another place.

And Twitter is an ideal market for you. If you still feel strange, then this product will be your right hand. In this Cinch Tweet Review, let’s discuss about this software and what it brings about.

Cinch Tweet Overview

Vendor:                      Cindy Donovan

Product:                     Cinch Tweet

Launch Date:                        Nov 22, 2017

Launch Time:            11:00 EST

Sale Page:                  http://cinchtweet.com/jv/

Front – End Price:    $27

Niche:                        General

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

What is Cinch Tweet?

Cinch Tweet

Cinch Tweet is a marketing software focusing on Twitter. It acts as an artificial intelligence to improve the engagement and the number of followers for your accounts. In comparison to FB, Twitter has the leverage of spreading the news faster. So, it’s a good way to promote your product on this platform.

Apart from this, Cindy Tweet still opens room for you to connect with other platforms, such as the WP module as the bonus they offer. So, it’ll be much more convenient to grow the engagement of all your account on social networks instantly.

Cinch Tweet’sDeveloper

Cinch Tweet is developed by Cindy Donovan. She has been working on IM for approximately 10 years with lots of experience. Her products are considered as having the vision and being built carefully. Cindy has launched many products on JVZoo and the latest ones are InstaGenius, WP Blazer, Fearless Netpreneur, etc.

The Main Features of Cinch Tweet

Cinch Tweet has a full set of tools to take you to the top of Twitter. In this Cinch Tweet Review, I’ll show you some key features of its:

  • Location based tweets to find viral tweets locally
  • Follow suggestions smartly based on the niches and the data you set up
  • Set up the follow limits with the maximum and minimum followers to get you the suitable people to follow
  • Filter feature with content types filter (video, image, vine, and tweet) with most retweeted times and the detection filter to identify the positive or negative languages
  • Custom search from the specific date to search for the new followers
  • Enable to create Call To Action Tweets
  • Automatically tweet replies to join the conversion
  • Improve the relationship by automating to send messages
  • Unfollow the account that don’t follow back, you can even put them into the black list
  • Activity tracking with real time statistics
  • Scheduling feature on selected times
  • All the features can be functioned autopilot without manual hard work.

How to use

Cinch Tweet is built and tested for months to make sure it will develop your account on autopilot. So, before it can operate on its own, you need a few checking-in steps. And don’t worry because it’s just some clicks with given information.

To save you the time. In this Cinch Tweet Review, I will attach here the thorough walkthrough with detailed steps.

Personal Experience

To be honest, I really like this product. It may sound biased but in my opinion, it’s worth trying.

I used it to promote some local businesses of my clients and it went on well. We easily located the trends in the neighborhood and attracted large number of followers. I could also navigated some accounts in the same niche to follow on. All of this helped a lots local businesses to capture what was happening around you.

Pros and Cons

With my own experience with this software, I’ll show you its strengths and weaknesses in this Cinch Tweet Review.


  • Quickly detect trending tweets and retweet them
  • Set the limits at both ends to precisely follow others
  • Activity tracking


  • Higher price than similar products
  • No authorization. I think it’d better to have something to secure our accounts.

Price and Evaluation

The front-end price for Cinch Tweet is $27. As I pointed out earlier, this’s a higher price compared to other AI software. However, I think it’s worth it with all the effective tools inside.

Moreover, if you’re quick enough, you can get the FREE WP blogging module to connect your blogs and sync the posts with your Twitter accounts. This bonus is exclusively during launching time so I advise you to make up your mind quickly.

In conclusion, with this Cinch Tweet Review, I want to introduce to you one of the most effective Twitter software at this times. However quite expensive, you should give it a though if you’re intending to move out on Twitter.



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