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FBEngagrReview – a combined dashboard to launch your campaign



Are you exhausted of launching poll campaigns? Check out my FBEngagrReview and see if the product does some help to your business.


Facebook has been one of largest social networks nowadays. With so many of users, Facebook represents a potential place for marketers to run campaigns, especially poll campaigns. However, it is not as easy as many thought, which in contrast, can be even quite expensive. That’s where FBEngagr kicks in.

This tool will support users to build poll campaigns with much fewer challenges. Most of the work will be done automatically to help you save time and resources. Let’s find out more about this incredible tool in my FBEngagrReview to see if it is what you have always been looking for.

FBEngagrReview  – Overview

Vendor:                    Victory Akpomedaye

Product:                    FBEngagr

Launch Date:             2017-Nov-11

Launch Time:           11:00 EST

Front-end Price:         $27

Niche:                       Social Media


What is FBEngagr?

FBEngagr is a cloud-based tool that helps build poll campaigns, therefore boost conversions, sales and engagement. Inside the dashboard, you would find a built-in drag and drop editor which allows users to customize whatever elements they want.

The idea behind this tool is to make sure you will launch effective and high-quality campaigns, plus boost exposure on social networks, Facebook, to be exact. You get to set automatic responses for your audiences. What FBEngagr does is to grow your customers on complete autopilot.

About author

The man behind this product is Victory Akpos. He is a talent in the field of social and digital marketing. Before FBEngagr, he used to launch many amazing products such as eCom App, Page Builder Launch, ReachInfluencer and so much more. With more than a decade working in the field, Victory has enough skills and knowledge to help other marketers launch their campaigns.

FBEngagr is one of his biggest projects in this year. The ultimate goal of the product is to help marketers grow their business with Facebook poll campaigns way easier than what they have been doing.

Let’s check out the next part of the FBEngagr Review and find out about its features.

Feature details

Two kinds of campaigns

FBEngagr offers users with two options which are to rate and vote. Each of them will come with a tracking system that allows you to manage how well your campaign is.

Automated funnels

There are a lot of DFY poll campaigns you can use. Also, the vendor added many fully designed funnels to let you run campaigns faster.

Autoresponder integration

What’s more, FBEngagr integrates with lots of autoresponders such as Aweber, GetRespond, and MailChimp. You can connect to gain more leads and traffic automatically.

Editable photos

Buying the tool and you will get up to 20 million HD photos to use for the campaigns. You can also edit it to make it unique and personal. Each campaign will take about 10 minutes in terms of photos.

Auto-post and autoreply

This feature is to save you time as you do not have to manually do things such as posting and replying comments. The tool will handle these stuff on its own.

Apart from these features, FBEngagr also has some other additional features as follows:

  • One-click post on Facebook page
  • One click image post
  • DFY templates in various niches
  • Online image editor
  • CTA builder

Overall, FBEngagr is what you all need and only need to launch poll campaigns on Facebook pages.

How does it work?

FBEngagr is a complete platform you need to launch poll campaigns much faster than before. It lets you finish the work faster to gain better results. This is how it happens:

Step 1: Access to the system

Step 2: Create your campaigns with drag and drop editor

Step 3: Publish to gain traffic and leads

Who should use it?

I would suggest FBEngagr to these particular groups of audiences as follows:

  • E-commerce owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Online coaches
  • Webinars

And so much more!

Pros and cons


  • Easy to work with
  • Mostly automatic
  • Save resources
  • Comprehensive


  • The price may increase after the launch week


As you can see, the biggest point that distinguishes FBEngagr is its ability combine everything a marketer needs to run the campaign. Instead of switching amongst many different dashboards, now you can have all in one single dashboard. Isn’t it much more convenient?

Also, FBEngagr helps users navigate what to do much easier. That’s why this product is recommended for all types of users, especially newbies. Unlike other dashboards which require users to have some skills and prior experience, FBEngagr is suitable for most levels. Both newbie friendly and economical, who does not like it?

User experience

In this part of the FBEngagrReview, I want to emphasize that FBenagrbrought a pretty good experience. Having a tool that can do most of the work for you, especially automatically is indeed very important in improving the performance of your business.

If you are fresh and looking for a tool to get started, this one is a must. I have a strong belief that FBEngagr is going to be another big success of Arthur. It is truly a tool to grow your online business.

My overall evaluation for FBEngagr would be 9/10. The only thing I do not quite like about the tool is that the price will not stay the same after the launch week. You have to be hurried and grab it now if you have the intention to buy it.

FBEngagrReview – Evaluation and Price

You can buy FBEngagr for just $27 which is dirt cheap for what it has to offer. With a couple of bucks, you already get for yourself the whole system that one needs to get the campaign done.

Of course, FBEngagr comes with a 30 days money back guarantee to make sure you have the most pleasant experience as possible. Just contact them and see what they can do in case there is anything wrong with it.

This is the end of my FBEngagrReview. I hope after considering my perspective, you can make the right choice. Good luck!



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