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Clipman Review

Clipman Review – How to make a perfect advertising for your product

You want to make a perfect video for your business, this is for you; you want to create an effective advertising, Clipman can help. I will prove these in my Clipman Review.

Clipman Review – Introduction

Everyone who is making money online or doing marketing, in particular, is using video as the main method. Because we do not have design skills, we cannot create attractive videos ourselves, so we have to waste much money on hiring outsourcers or buy some product with video creation function.

Yes, making videos is efficient for our work but it is not an easy task. In fact, maybe you do not know creating a video is not very difficult because there are a lot of application which can help you to do this such as your PC basic software, Window Movie Makers; the famous one, Producer Proshow or even some making online video website. But to be honest, they are not the best application. Some are very difficult to use; some are not good enough with some old format. All of these will waste a lot of your time though they do not mean that you will have as much profit as you want. The effective to the advertising for your product or services won’t get the best.

That’s why Clipman was created. And it will make your videos, your posts on Facebook will get a lot of views. Let’s see how it works from my Clipman Review!

Clipman Review


Clipman Review – Overview

Vendor:                     Josh Ratta

Product:                     Clipman

Launch Date:             2017-Nov-14

Launch Time:            11: 00 EST

Front-end Price:         $67

Website:                              Sale page

Niche:                        Video

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

Clipman Review – What is it?

Clipman is brand new software that brings you the amazing method to create professional and high-quality videos with beautiful templates as your desires. Clipman offers a straightforward area to hold temporary files. Files can be dragged into it, and it also listens in on a few well-known applications to catch copy and cut actions. As a StrongED user, I was quite pleased to be able to tap the copy shortcut, (control with shift and C), and see Clipman pick up my highlighted text. I’ve been told that Zap is catered for as well. Not all applications are treated this way, so you can always drag and drop any file onto Clipman from the filer or a standard save box.

About the author – Josh Ratta

Josh Ratta is a professional software producer and a big man of marketing industry. he has produced so many of famous products which have good values from over the world such as Aff Hunter, Rapid Income Results Formulas, Webinar Take Off, Local Video Take Off, eVideo Rocket, Video Auto Profits, Social Mobile Press, Click Animate, MoonPixlar, Vidello, iGloo Reloaded. Clipman is not only for commerce; this’ the way Josh Ratta want to share his knowledge about making videos to the rest of the world who want to take a step in this online business industry.

He understands what people need, what they want and how to work well even if you are a newbie. That’s why her team created this new software, Clipman.

Clipman Review  – What are the features of Clipman?

Create Videos from any URL

Simply, you only have to choose the URL of your Shopify, eBay or Amazon product page. Everything is done quickly. All of other things will be taken care by Clipman. It will import the images, the text and the price for your video to be ready to render. And this whole thing will just take a second from you. You will find no other software can help you do like that. You should see this feature as the unfair advantage of Clipman compared to other products in the market. From any URL you want, now you have videos with high-quality and potential to make conversion rate increase as well as sales grow.

Create Videos from templates

What will you do with a template? You can find some beautiful templates in somewhere, but you can know how to create the video with them.  It would be difficult for you to create a template for your video. But with Clipman, all of their video templates were designed and created by professional graphic designers and animators. Therefore, you will have not only the templates but also the videos which can compete with any others and help you to impress your clients.

Create Facebook Ads & Post to Facebook

If you have just customized the content, you can save and make the video into an MP4 file. Do you want that? Nothing is better than you can make the video yourself. All of them are your own, and you can save them, then sell your products if you like. In the next step, you can upload and create Facebook advertising directly from within the software to start driving traffic to your offers on the right away.

Other features

  • Search tool feature
  • Undelete function to infinite until you close Clipman
  • Import and export to an XML file.
  • Receive text via the share function, even when Clipman isn’t working.
  • Writing from within Clipman and sharing text to many different targets.
  • Writing protect (lock) important items
  • Cleaning up a function that deletes any text items that aren’t locked.
  • Filter for protected and unprotected items as well as favorites
  • A shortcut button will open a shortcut dialog. They let you choose a few clips from the history without the need to open Clipman.
  • The Dark and Bright theme in different colors such as green, bright green, black, grey-white, red, orange blue and purple.
  • Choice of how many items displayed in the Active frame by only a current item up to the present item and previous three items.

Clipman Review – How does it work?

  • Step 1: You can pick a template from the whole templates of the program. There is a big collection of templates for you to choose which you like.
  • Step 2: Fill it with the content of your products, services or anything that you want to put on. It is easy for you to customize as well as edit everything as you desire.
  • Step 3: Render and promote your videos, posts, and ads to see the effective. No, you just need to posts your videos and see how it takes you traffic, conversion, and then sales as well as profit.

Clipman Review – Who should use it?

You are anybody who is looking for a good tool to make a video for your own. You are a person who wants to start your online business by making videos. You are the businessman who is looking for a good way to promote your products or services. You are a marketer who is looking for an effectual way to make videos as your customers want.

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Business owners
  • Product promoters
  • CPA marketers
  • Social marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Product sellers

Because Clipman does not require any special technical skills or knowledge of work, so whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you still work well with it.

Clipman Review  – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Saving your time helpfully.
  • Easy to use from the starting to the end.
  • Saving your money.
  • All of the content is private label rights for you to rebrand, sell and keep 100% of the profit.
  • Connecting many social networks.
  • Nothing to install or download


  • There would be a lot of information for you to get in mind and so many templates for you to choose.
  • You need good internet connection to work

In fact, there is not much to say about the drawback of Clipman. With me, although everything is not perfect, it satisfies me. Since I used this product, I have not gotten any troubles. So, if there is something happening, I will tell you later. However, you should not worry much because you have the support from the experts along the day.

Clipman Review  – Price and evaluation

The front end of Clipman costs from $67 and it has the training on video advertising eCommerce. However, as you know that the launch date is 14th of November, so for the special launch, you have the discounted price at $37. Is it a bargain? Of course, you should consider to not miss this big deal.

Besides, you also have other choices: OTO 1 for you is Monthly Templates Club with $37 per month, and OTO 2 is VideoAdsAcademy that costs $197. Moreover, you have the 30-day money back guarantee. After using it within 30 days, if you get any problem or you see it is not for you, you can offer your fund return 100%. There is no question asked, and you receive your money immediately. So, I think there’s no reason for you not to get this to your home.

Clipman Review – Conclusion

That’s all of my Clipman Review. You can see how Clipman can bring you a huge profit. It is what can help you to become a millionaire. Clipman monitors your clipboard and stores every text copied to its database.  Thanks to it, you can share text and minimize as an active frame it shows the current clipboard content in the app window. You now can lock certain chunks of text from deletion when cleaning up the history.

At the end of my Clipman Review. I want to say thank you for your attention. I hope that my review is useful for you, and it can help you to get the best solution ever. Good luck to you make your wise decision for your business.

Clipman Review








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