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Smarketly Review

Smarketly Review – Behavioral-Driven Marketing Automation Platform

Welcome to my Smarketly Review! Forget your wasting time on managing all marketing tools, and get ready for marketing solution you have been waiting for!


Are you looking for the best solution for your marketing campaign? To get something profit, maybe you have to spend much time and energy to work yourself, or even much money to hire an agency to complete the tasks for you. Luckily, today you don’t have to worry about that. My Smarketly Review will introduce a product that manages all of your marketing campaigns without switching between web apps.

Smarketly Review

Smarketly Review – Overview

Vendor:                     Craig Crawford et al

Product:                     Smarketly

Launch Date:             2017 – Nov – 15

Launch Time:            10: 00 EDT

Front-end Price:         $37 – $297

Niche:                        General

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

Smarketly Review – What is it?

This is an innovative, cost-effective marketing automation solution giving you as well as marketers the possibility to build advanced funnels. You can quickly create them from landing pages, emails, popups, rules, notifications and more based on the behavioral data. Thanks to it, now you can put your most-liked marketing tools under one roof, and automate all marketing efforts.

Smarketly understands that builder is not enough to establish marketing tool or run full-fledged campaigns. Marketers need to connect, manage and analyze all materials and operations from a single place. That is the reason for the author to develop this software with simple workflows and no coding or designing still help marketers of all level to run marketing campaigns.

About the author – Craig Crawford et al

Craig Crawford is one of the most successful digital marketers in the word. He is also a famous software developer with many years of experience. With his talents, he has created so many of program which useful and popular to the people who do business online such as Business Booster Firesale, Elite Video Evolution, Marketers Graphics, Outsourcers Bible, and Social Sales System, etc.

With the Smarketly launch, he and his teammates have spent much time and energy on the research and study to find out what problems marketers have to face. From that, by the professional knowledge they have, they create the solution for the hard work all marketers get when starting marketing campaigns. Let’s have a look at my Smarketly Review to see this software in detail.

Smarketly Review – What are the Features of Smarketly?

Funnel Management

You will get established, well-oiled funnels. They put you in the driver’s seat and enable you to control the sales process. Besides, you can select ready-made funnel templates, then customize your funnels as you want just by connecting all the necessary elements, and measure as well as optimize them.

This feature creates the path that you would like your visitors to follow to purchase your core offer. You also know the number of people in every stage of the funnel, and the amount of money comes out on the other end from converting customers.

Drag and Drop Builder

It is designed for you to get creative and blow your visitors away. It provides you the ability to create landing pages, overlays, emails and opt-in forms by some clicks of your mouse without coding requirement.

You will gain inspiration from hundreds of converting templates, and then create something you have never seen before. It will reflect your business.

Moreover, the toolbox has vast capabilities, and you are taking advantage of the design settings to edit each element and play around with the layout.

Smarketly Integrations

Forget your tiredness of wasting time on trying to link together the third-party apps. They are designed not for the goal of communicating with one another, re-entering the same information over and over again. Now you can save the time on development, and go on finding simple data.

Smarketly’s integrations streamline your business processes and collect all the customer behavioral data for triggering actions. Now you have the freedom to use your favorite technology in combination with this platform so that you can easily manage your data and processes.

Email Automation

Do you want to engage more people but doing less? Surely, all of us hope that. This function sends highly-personal, relevant broadcasts and drips emails to your prospects depending on the location they are in the buying process.  You now have the high-quality relationships, all in autopilot mode. Fire trigger and event-based message provide your leads with the most pertinent info to keep them engaged.

That Email marketing automation will open up a whole new world of possibilities to engage with your audience and turn them into buyers. All the works are managed from Smarketly using all the integration options.

Automation Rules – Freeing you up and minimizing errors

Do you know that action-based behavioral triggers can bring the incredible results? Today, by a simple way of choosing the triggers and events you want to link to specific actions, and when they are fired, the platform will automatically perform.  They show the specified actions such as moving a customer to a new mailing list, sending a cart abandonment email, or even adding users to the customer list on your campaigns. The author designs automated rules to save time as well as to ease the load by removing the requirement to keep an eye on your campaigns and manually tuning them.

Popups (Overlays) – Convert readers to mailing list subscribers

Smarketly crafts beautiful popups using pre-made templates or from scratch. It puts them up on your landing pages to promote various offers and increase your subscriber as well as lead conversion rates.

Smarketly allows you to build popups to greet new visitors with a special offer and stop anyone who is heading for the door with crazy discounts. In other hands, it is used to guide blog readers toward upcoming topical events, and notify readers of an update, etc.

Facebook Automation – Re-engage for maximum results

Smarketly let you automatically create custom audiences on the fly thanks to the data points from all the elements that you integrated into your funnels. You can retarget people opening your emails, and reach users completing your goals or engaging with your content. There is a tool called Smart Facebook Pixel to enhance data collection.

Moreover, you can squeeze who viewed your offer but didn’t convert. This strategy is effective if you consider that people rarely buy something they just saw for the first time.

Embedded Analytics – Data-driven decision making

Craig provides embedded tracking into every element to spare you the hassle of dealing with the technical complications.

Taking the guesswork out of your decision-making process, you can tell where things are going, and where you need to do some fine-tuning. It measures the success of your marketing efforts because number-backed data are giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions, regardless of how you grow your business.

Contact Management – Stay up-to-date with your contacts

What is the purpose of this feature? It is to ensure you can stay on top of everything with your leads and customers. You can track every step of the customer journey to personalize your messaging and send the right message to the right person at the right time.

You now can grow your business easily when you know and understand the numbers. Also, you can learn the numbers behind your business by tracking all the activities that take place within your funnel.

Smarketly Review – How does it work?

The working process is easy and simple to follow. You can see it in detail form the demo video and guideline you have when you buy it.

Smarketly Review – Who should use it?

Smarketly solves the problem for all marketers of many different backgrounds. So is suitable for both newbies and veterans

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy to use and no learning curve
  • Built in Email Builder
  • 100 templates you can use
  • Integrate with aweber and push the emails
  • Send messages from the app, broadcast and follow ups all in one dashboard
  • Save money and time
  • No experience required.
  • Brand new features
  • Support along the way


  • There is not much to talk about the drawback of Smarketly. I think my Smarketly Review brings you all the information you need to know about this product. I completely satisfied with it. However, I think if it can come with lower price, it is perfect.

Price and evaluation – Smarketly Review

Front End – $297 – $397

In this package, you receive Smarketly Marketing automation early adopter membership. If you see the price is quite high, you can choose the monthly payment of $37 – $47 per month.

Upsell 1 – $197-$297

You have the Smarketly Marketing automation top marketers mastermind series

Upsell 2 – $47

With one-time payment, you join the Facebook Masterclass that shows you how to drive cheap targeted traffic easily.

Upsell 3

This is the Smarketly Marketing automation Agency Upgrade. You have 5 Client License with $167 per month. If you want more – 10 Client License, you need to pay $297 per month.

Although the price is quite high, it has many options for you to choose. I think based on your needs and your budget; you can select the best one. Moreover, I remind you that you have the 30-day money back guarantee. After one month of using, if you see it is not for you, you can get 1005 money back without any question asked.

Smarketly Review – Conclusion

It comes to the end of my Smarketly Review. What do you think about this software? As you can see, now you can connect popular marketing and sale apps with Smarketly’s platform to facilitate date exchange and streamline your workflow. You can work with the best of breed services you currently use and like by integrating them with Smarketly account.

In the last words, I hope that my Smarketly Review can bring you useful information. Maybe it plays a part in your decision making and helps you to choose the best solution for your career. I know your decision is yours, but I suggest you consider this product carefully. I highly recommend it for all marketers at all level. Thank you for your reading and good look to you.

Smarketly Review


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