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Pixalogo 2.0

Pixalogo 2.0 Review: Create Your Logo for Your Business Under 5 Minutes

Pixalogo 2.0 Review – Why should you buy it?

Is it just another usual logo package? Both Yes! and No! a logo package but not a usual one. It’s difference! Read this Pixalogo 2.0 Review for more.

Pixalogo 2.0 Review Introduction

Are you an online entrepreneur? Or an online marketer? If you’ve already clicked in this review, I guess the answer is a nod. So you own a business and you need a logo for your brand. Now comes the hard work! Getting a logo isn’t a piece of cake for anyone.

Logo is like an ID of a business. It represents a brand and becomes the unique visible manifestation of the company to the customers. A logo is the most critical graphical remarks of a company. For this reason, a well-designed logo is a major element of a marketing strategy.

And that’s why I want you to go through this Pixalogo 2.0 Review. There’re two big problems happening when you need a logo for your company. The first is your budget. Well-known designers or popular designing sites often charge a high price for their products.

Second, even when money isn’t your headache, you can’t be sure you’ll get the right logo for your company. You can tell your agencies the ideas but nothing can assure you that they will commit it.

So, in this Pixalogo 2.0 Review, I’ll show you how this package can be the solution to both of your problems.

Pixalogo 2.0 Overview

Vendor:                      Adhitya Tri A.

Product:                     Pixalogo 2.0

Launch Date:            Dec 2nd, 2017

Launch Time:            10:00 EST

Front – End Price:    $25

Sale Page:                  http://pixalogo.com/jv/v2/

Niche:                        General

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

What is Pixalogo 2.0?

Pixalogo 2.0

This is a designing product which will be launched in December. This is a bundle of ready to use logos with high quality. In addition, all of these logos are editable with no limits on all kinds of designing apps Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, PowerPoint,…

Each of logo offered in this product is made into 6 file formats .eps, .ai, .svg, .psd, .jpg, .png. These files will bring you great convenience in customizing and editing the logos to suit your business.

About quality, the logos in Pixalogo 2.0 are all design with the maximized simplification but great professionalism, which are the designing principles today. The template also contains elements that can be put or inserted into another to make a whole new one.

One more thing I want to tell you in this Pixalogo 2.0 Review, is the templates in this product can be used in multiple niches. And in this package, the developer also put them in separate bundles to help you control and manage them better.

Pixalogo 2.0’s Developer

The developer of Pixalogo 2.0 is Adhitya Tri A. Earlier this year, he launched the product Pixalogo on JVZoo. And instantly, it received many positive feedbacks from customers, the online entrepreneurs or marketers like you and me. Until now, the sale is still going with more than 1,000 orders made.

And with this Pixalogo 2.0, he and his team have spent more than 3 months to make it better, to develop from the previous version with up to date templates. You may be wondering if the original is still profitable, why do they make a new one? This Pixalogo 2.0 Review will answer that for you.

If you still want to know more about Adhitya, you can check out some of his products on JVZoo. His latest product is Instadesigner, which is also a designing app. So, you can see this guy really has experience with graphical stuff.

The Great Features of Pixalogo 2.0

This part of my Pixalogo 2.0 Review will show you what will benefit you in this product. In general, not only is the content well-made but the whole system is also clearly ordered to give users as much convenience as possible.

For example, in each bundle, you will get templates for each niches such as:

  • Package Bundle 1: Beer house, Auto repair, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions, Coffee Shop, Food and Beverage, Music, Cyber Security.
  • Package Bundle 2: Insurance, Wedding Photography, Kids Education, Online Game, Digital Advertising, Home Healthcare, Event Management, Internet, Human Resource, Social Media.
  • Package Bundle 3: Home Flipping, Healthcare, Virtual Assistant, Video, Crowd Funding, Online Marketing, Software, E-commerce, Aerial Photography.

Apart from the well-designed content you’ll get from this package which includes more than 1475 asset logo templates in 41 niches with 6 formats each, you can also get many more features:

  • Integrate and suit with all designing software such as Adobe products, Gimp, Windows Movie Maker, InkScape, Sony Vegas Pro, …
  • Drag and drop feature to edit your logo easily
  • No requirement high level designing skills
  • Unlimited uses with Personal License. You can upgrade to Private Label Right to customize and resell the logo for your own customers.
  • Quickly access to your purchase
  • Helpful customer services
  • Clear refund policy guarantees no risk involved
  • All the tutorial videos are offered to users right when they buy the package
  • Save thousands of cash and much time for you
  • Create professional and catchy logos with pennies
  • And many attractive bonuses of this product

How to Use

We all know designing is a difficult thing but in this product, it’s different. You can easily choose and edit the logo templates to conform to your brand. As I’ve mentioned above, there’s no high level skills required. In addition, you have all the tutorial videos on hand whenever you need.

In this Pixalogo 2.0 Review, I will summarize the easy instruction in 3 steps as follows:

Step 1: From the package bundle, choose the template you like in the suitable niche

Step 2: Choose the file format suitable with your designing apps

Step 3: Edit your logo as you wish. You can combine two or more logos or whatever you like.

For further visual guideline, you can check out the walkthrough here.

Personal Experience

I didn’t like outsourcing very much because it takes a lot of times, and much cash, of course. So when this new update of Pixalogo came out, I tried it instantly. The first impression is the neat order they arranged for you.

It’s not just a pack of all-kind logo templates with no structure, the logo in the same niche are grouped together. It’s more convenient for you to search and find the right logo you need.

In addition, I found out combining the details into a new logo was a great idea, especially when you just need to drag and drop them as one. I didn’t mean to overlook professional designers but honestly, right now, with this Pixalogo 2.0, I could manage all the logo I needed on my own.

Who to Use

This is such a great package. So who should use it? Well, you can consider my recommendation in this Pixalogo 2.0 Review:

  • Advertiser and Publisher
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Consultant Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Offline Marketer
  • Small Offline Business
  • Agency Services

There’s no limit on who to use and who not. This package can help you create logo without taking a struggling designing course, in minutes, with a few bucks. That’s all we want to come for. So, let’s give it a try!

Pros and Cons

You may be looking for some specific strengths and weaknesses to decide exactly whether to buy it. And here you are. Just remember this comes from my own experience, so if you have different opinions, let me know below.


  • Many file formats offered
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Can be edited in many apps


The Private Label Right requires upgrading

Pixalogo 2.0 in Comparison

To make you understand more about it, I’ll put in contrast the original and the 2.0 version.

As made by the same team, both of these have the same arrangement: 6 file formats for a template, templates in a niche, niches in a bundle. And they all can be used with multiple apps to edit the files.

Because of this similarity, you can also watch the demo video of old version or read reviews of it to understand it better, with more opinions.

The difference is the 2.0 version has been updated so much with many catchy templates in each bundle.

And as I’ve seen, in the Pixalogo 2.0, the developers focus more on specific and small niches instead of general ones such as finance and accounting, agriculture and so on. As you see, in Pixalogo we had Attorney and Law, Art and Design, Community and Profit,… but in Pixalogo2.0 we have Beer House, Coffee Shop, Even Management, Digital Advertising,…

We can say that the niches in Pixalogo 2.0 are more practical and focus much more on online business, especially the local and small ones.

And moreover, with the new update from Pixalogo 2.0, the customer support for the original version will eventually redirect into the new one. So, it’s better for you to try the new one right now if you’re hesitating between these two.

Price and Evaluation

The front –end price for Pixalogo 2.0 is now $25 with the discount $5. In this product you’ll get more than 1200 logo bundle with personal license. After December 8th, the price will increase by $27 without discount.

With $37 you’ll get the upgrade version which includes more than 100 additional templates and developer license package. The price will be $47 after launching week.

If you still want developer license package with lower price, you can still get the downsell version without 100 bonus templates, at the same price as front –end pack, $25.

And finally, the largest version will cost you $42 every month. You’ll have all the templates, even the updating monthly. You can also get the licenses for your package.

In all package, there’s a discount worth $5 during the launching time. After that, the price will all increase with no discount. So, if you want to order it, do it quickly right after you finish this Pixalogo 2.0 Review.

And that’s what I want you to know about this logo package. I hope my Pixalogo 2.0 Review could bring you useful information to make a wise purchase. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later.

Pixalogo 2.0


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