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PerkZilla Review – A tool that changes the way you do marketing

PerkZilla Review – Overview

  • Product: PerkZilla
    Vendor: Promote Labs Inc
    Official Website: Click here
    Launch Date: November 7th – November 14th
    Sale Price: $197
    Niche: General


My PerkZilla Review is going to introduce an amazing product that has been developed recently? Let’s continue reading and find out what it is!


Most marketers tend to struggle a lot with launching a viral campaign. They might write a lot of anchor articles, create a huge bunch of video, run thousands of contest, release many products, yet it still does not seem to work? Why is that?

Because all of those things are very time-consuming, actually. The traffic will not come if you target the wrong person. Some may prefer buying advertisements but this would cost a giant sum of money.

There is a solution to this challenging problem. In fact, this product will solve your problem pretty effectively with the least effort needed. It’s called PerkZilla and we will find out more about it in this PerkZilla Review. Let’ get started!

What is PerkZilla?

PerkZilla is a viral platform that allows marketers to offer free gifts such as coupons, contest entries, products and so much more in order to ask visitors to refer their friends to the website.

One visitor tells one friend, that one friend will tell more friends which means you will have a lot more visitors. This is one of the most effective ways to drive massive traffic to your websites.

About author

Promote Labs Inc is the vendor of this product. Promote Labs Inc has been launching a lot of professional products. They have been known for gathering a lot of talented marketers and product creators to collaborate and develop amazing products.

Some of their most famous products are Conversions Gorilla, Conversions Gorilla V2, ProductDyno, PostGopher, and so much more!

PerkZilla Review Feature details

In this part of the PerkZilla Review, I am going to introduce two most outstanding features of the tool, let’s see what it is!


This traffic-driven tool works automatically. All you have to do is to set it up in the first place and then the traffic will grow on its own.

You would not have to waste any hour monitoring the campaign as well as spending huge money on running ads. Ask your visitors to tell their friends and your campaign will spread as fast as it could.

Easy to use

Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson have built this platform for their personal use. So they made it incredibly easy to use. The platform can automatically get you traffic without manually doing things. Also, PerkZilla can work on any device. Whether it is a phone, tablet, desktop, PerkZilla also runs very smoothly. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • This is a web-based app that will only require login into the dashboard
  • It is extremely newbie friendly. All the links and features are well displayed in order to let you run your campaigns fast and effectively. If you stuck on something, there is a step-by-step tutorial which gives you a detailed guideline on what to do next.

How does it work?

By offering potential customers a motivation to share your content, you will reach more visitors without having to deal with a lot of tasks. This is a good way for you to let your content go viral. Also, you will be able to drive massive traffic and build a list in a much more efficient manner.

Besides, PerkZilla provides an automatic system which tracks and deliver rewards to your visitors. You won’t have to go manual with these things. Let the software take care of the rest and see traffic coming to your site.

Who should use it?

As my PerkZilla Review already stated, anyone who needs traffic sent to their campaigns should definitely use this tool. Sold with a very affordable price, PerkZilla is a suitable choice for those who have a tight budget but still want to have a tool to drive traffic automatically.

Pros and cons


  • Flexible
  • Automatic
  • Affordable


  • As you have to paste a code into the page to start the job, you cannot use this app to promote other people’s content such as affiliate links

Personal experience

PerkZilla offers you a full control over your business. You can choose how many rewards level to offer visitors. You are also the one who decide which rewards they are going to be. E-books, videos, apps, discount, memberships or anything you prefer.

PerkZilla allows you to customize almost everything. Opt-in forms, emails and so much more. There are some premade default setting as well as premade emails which enable you to set up a campaign much faster. And this feature is what my PerkZilla Review Review likes the most about this software.

PerkZilla can be used to promote many kinds of contents and websites. It can be used for lead pages, sales pages, blog posts, webinar pages, videos and more!

However, PerkZilla is not a perfect app, actually. The most noticeable drawback I want to mention in this PerkZilla Review is that it cannot promote affiliate link unless you work with the one who really owns that site.

If you really want to promote an affiliate link, then all you need to do is to create a pre-sell page, and refer more views to that site to get more viral traffic. It may take you longer to do in this way.

PerkZilla Review – Evaluation and Price

I would highly recommend this app for those who are looking for a platform to drive free traffic. You can get this tool with just $197 – a lot cheaper than other conventional apps in the market. You’d better take fast action to secure this good deal. Make sure you grab it as soon as possible.

Thanks for following my PerkZilla Review. I hope it helps. Goodbye!







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